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Shut down DHS and US DoJ

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April 15, 2013; 12:25 PM
Dear President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Congress:
The order for one billion, six hundred million bullets,

reportedly placed by the US Department of Homeland

IN-Security, is so illegal that it isn't even funny.

This is a military level of weaponry requisitioning by a

civilian department of government, which not only

raises eyebrows all over Congress; but it raises serious

questions about whether or not the Department of Homeland

IN-Security is planning the final stages of a coup d'etat.
President Harry Truman, as history teaches us, fired General

Douglas MacArthur over a Caesar's Wife standard of

maintaining civilian control over the military.

Yet Douglas MacArthur was the greatest general in the

history of the United States, and as pointed out by

William Manchester in his epic biography of MacArthur -

"American Caesar" - MacArthur never was insubordinate to

Truman or to anyone else, and scrupulously obeyed

every order handed to him by the President;

and never behaved underhandedly toward the elected officials

of the United States.

MacArthur came home from Korea to address a joint session

of Congress, after which he received a standing ovation.

Compare that Congressional rapport to the way Eric Holder

and Janet Napolitano SNUB Congress and REFUSE to answer

pertinent questions, with their "fast and furious" dodges.

Yet NEITHER has been fired.

The President seems to think this is all just fine and dandy.
President Obama, and Vice President Biden,

please see past your squeaker re-election with 

a marginal 50.7% of the popular vote; and recognize

not just the threat to the United States, but the discredit

to your Administration's integrity and to your legacy in the

history books; as well as the inherent threat to the

international creditworthiness of the United States. 

If there should be a fifth face on Mount Rushmore, alongside
Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt,
it would be MacArthur, complete with a stone carving
of the corncob pipe reinforced with tempered steel.
On the other hand, despite the fact that the Obama-Biden
ticket received more combined votes than any other  
Presidential ticket in history in 2008 and 2012, all history
will frown upon the President who allowed civilian
government and the rule of law and the supremacy of
the Constitution to slip from his grasp, and yielded
like Silly Putty to the growing thunderhead of insubordination
by a new, ominous paramilitary pair of Cabinet agencies
who are teaming up not only to snub Congress, but to
trample upon and shred the Constitution like a doormat.
The Pentagon should take over the military assets,
weaponry and billions of bullets (including future orders)
of the US Department of Homeland Security and the
US Department of Justice. Leading experts have said so.
Every necessary agency in these two Federal departments
should be reconstituted as an independent agency
reporting directly to the President and nowhere else.
The FBI, the INS, the TSA, etc. - all should report
directly to the President. This will reduce the possibility
of any military coup and will help the President to
eliminate all the corrupt connections within and between
all such independent agencies.
The Department of Homeland Security was a stupid move
by Bush Junior. It is nothing but a grab-bag of goodies
for well-connected contractors who all want to become
Halliburton Lite.
The US Department of Justice sounds like a necessity
in Government. After all, we need justice, right?
The problem with that idea is that the US Department of
around with justice instead, and monkeys around with
the Constitution. Historically, the Office of US Attorney
General is the most corrupted and corrupting Cabinet
post. How many Attorney Generals of the United States
have ever resigned in disgrace or failure, or been jailed,
or been involved with seamy misfeasant and malfeasant
episodes such as Watergate, or Teapot Dome, or the
corrupt aspects of the Indian Wars? How many honest
and fearless anti-corruption Attorney Generals have
we ever had who have known what they are doing?
President Obama, and Vice President Biden, show us
that you intend to carry out your mandate for the next
four years, by heeding the call of the people of the
THE RULE OF LAW in our country, restoring the
credibility of the Federal Government here at home and
abroad, and facing down this threat before it is too late.
What are you going to do - wait until the Department of
Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice
send you a cable saying, "By the way, Mr. President, next
Wednesday at 3 PM we plan to put the finishing touches
on the COUP D'ETAT we have been slowly but steadily
advancing for the past several years, DO YOU MIND?"
Are you, President Obama and Vice-President Biden,
going to wait for this kind of confirmation: "By the way,
Mr. President: do you object to the fact that we, the
corrupt contractors with Government contracts and lucrative
connections, are just riding the gravy train just fine, and
we intend to just keep on riding the gravy train for the
next four years until we run the taxpayers, and the
entire country, right into the ground?"
Mr. President, the TAXPAYER BASE of the United
States is BROKEN, mathematically. If you don't shut
down the two most power-grabbing of all US Government
Cabinet level departments now, and show courage and
innovation against this bureaucratic creeping glob of slime
making its way along the sidewalks and streets of Washington,
every State capital, and every county seat,
then we, the people of the United States don't stand a chance.
It is YOUR JOB to preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States, so DO IT.
Turn off the power to all these Department of Homeland
Security and US Department of Justice buildings in
Washington and nationwide (after all they don't pay their
own utility bills, CONGRESS DOES, and they don't give
Congress the time of day!) send all the employees home
on permanent furlough (except for the specialized
agencies) and re-hire all the employees who work for
the most necessary specialized agencies - and
create an independent auditing agency to monitor all
these "security" agencies to ensure that they are
doing the job they are supposed to do, and are not
trending toward political insubordination to the
Scott Davis
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Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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