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Fones Cliff is one of the most important eagle habitats in the Eastern United States. Generally at least 50 eagles are in the area, they nest there, they flock there, and it is an important resting place for migratory eagles.

Real estate development and strip mining are threatening this fragile habitat. Although Fones Cliff is a targeted acquisition area for the Rappahannock River Wildlife Refuge, Congress has never appropriated funding for the acquisition.

Let's protect our national bird by protecting this very important place!

Letter to
President Obama, Congress, Gov. McDonnell, Fones Cliff property owners
When the eagles almost died, they managed to survive at Fones Cliff on the Rappahannock River of Virginia. This important habitat is less than 100 miles from Washington and it is currently threatened by both real estate development and strip mining.

To be preserved, this 1,200 acre tract needs to be purchased as soon as possible, but (once again) it was not included in either the national or state budget.

Please do everything you can to protect this sacred place and the eagles who live there.

Preserve Fones Cliff a very important bald eagle habitat