Clemency for Gracie Ann Walker

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I am writing for my friend, Gracie Walker, asking that she be included as a candidate for Executive Clemency from President Obama. 

Gracie is 58 years old. She is currently in the 9th year serving a 24-year sentence for a nonviolent drug conspiracy charge. When she was arrested, Gracie was a working single mother and had not been involved with drugs for over three years. She was not in possession of any contraband and no drugs were found in the house where she was arrested. However she has accepted full responsibility for her participation in the case she was convicted of.

When she went to prison, Gracie had one year of college.  While in jail, she has completed 100 classes and is pursuing a career as a horticulture technician. Gracie has been in a minimum custody camp since 2011, and is known for being dependable and trustworthy.  She has a clear disciplinary record and works in the case manager/counselor’s office.  Her experience, education and well-developed work ethic make  Gracie an excellent candidate for clemency. 

Gracie’s parents are 82 and 83-years-old.  Her father has MSA, a condition that is similar to severe Parkinson’s Disease, and her mother is physically unable to care for him. Gracie has one sister, a disabled veteran who is not able to properly care for her parents. Gracie would like to assume responsibility for the care and well-being of her parents, in effect giving back the love and care that she received from them as a child. 

Gracie has four grandchildren, ranging in age from three to eleven.  These children have never seen their grandmother outside of prison.  They have never enjoyed the wonders of a sleepover at Grandma’s house.  Gracie has never read them a bed-time story. She has never seen their faces around a Christmas tree or a Thanksgiving table. 

In prison, Gracie Walker is trusted and reliable Inmate# 35712177. Outside of prison, she would be a trusted and reliable employee as well as a loving and caring friend, mother, sister and daughter.  Please help give Gracie the opportunity to give back to society and her family by asking President Obama to grant her Executive Clemency. Learn more about Gracie's case on the CAN-DO Foundation website

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

James M. Davis

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