President Obama: Amb. Susan Rice's Tar Sands Investments are a Big Problem!

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President Obama: Amb. Susan Rice's Tar Sands Investments are a Big Problem!

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Started by earl james

If we humans are to avoid a global climate-change disaster, the US must provide extraordinary, out-of-the box global leadership in the next 4 years, and our Secretary of State must be able to carry the necessary messages with great credibility.

While Susan Rice is a highly accomplished professional with considerable foreign policy experience, her masssive financial holdings in tar sands extraction in Canada - as well as in many other fossil fuels as revealed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - expose her blatant disregard for protection of the environment or the need to shift our energy consumption to renewables.

According to the NRDC, Susan Rice and her husband hold multi-million dollar investments in a wide range of Canadian tar sands, coal, natural gas extraction companies, in a major coal-fired power plant, in BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and in several Canadian banks that are largely responsible for the huge expansion of the tar sands industry, among other climate-damaging industries.

This is not a conflict of interest that can be eliminated if Susan Rice sells her stock in these industries. It's too late to erase the fact that Susan Rice's investments over many years if not decades have been in some of the most polluting and climate-damaging industries in the world.

That sends a very negative message to the world, especially if she were to become Secretary of State. That negative message would be: "While we give lip service to combating climate change and investing in renewable, clean energy production, we actually are supporting and profiting from dirty fossil fuels."

This is no message for the US Secretary of State to be sending to the world.

Mr. President, we petition you to nominate a candidate for Secretary of State that is not burdened by such an environmentally negative history. Climate change is rapidly becoming the number one global security issue our world faces. It is important for our nation's spokespersons to walk the talk.

Thank you.

{Note to petition readers: This petition is in no way related to the political right's attack of Amb. Susan Rice, which I believe is very unethical.  However, we must still stand up for what we believe about her fossil fuel record and push on with this campaign.  For doubters, check my credentials by doing an internet search on my name Earl D James in Santa Fe, or just add a dot com after my name, and  you'll find references to my work and writing.  Thank you for helping make our voices heard.}

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This petition had 306 supporters

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