Stop Galamsey, save Ghana, preserve our waters bodies & environment. Act Now #StopGalamsey

Stop Galamsey, save Ghana, preserve our waters bodies & environment. Act Now #StopGalamsey

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#StopGalamsey avert the impending water & environmental crisis - save Ghana!!!

  •  The warning signs have been clear enough - Ghana will soon be importing potable water if no action is taken in the immediate to stop the wanton destruction of water bodies and forest covers in the country!!!
  • The Ghana Water Company Limited, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Water Resources Commission, the Forestry Commission and a host of other stakeholder institutions have duly served notice of the impending disaster as we look on sheepishly.
  • The Pra, the Tano, Ankobra, Birim, Densu, are all dead & there is very little aquatic life left in them
  • Mercury and other dangerous heavy metals have polluted the rivers bodies and are entering the food chain with dangerous health consequences 
  • Very fertile farmlands have been destroyed and in their places are left dangerous deep pits and galleys that take the lives of innocent people.

 As usual, we have chosen as a country to play the ostrich while the destructive agents, led by the activities of illegal miners (Galamsey operators) and the failure of leadership (all class of leadership), continue to ravage the sources of water, our forest and environment that have served us so well for centuries.

We the Ghanaian Media  & our partners believe the situation can and should be reversed and the time for action is now!!!

Support our call for a total halt of Galamsey (an illegality) and a temporary ban on all small scale mining activities in the country until such a time that we have cleaned our water bodies, trained our people to mine responsibly and proper procedures will be outlined to govern their operations. These guidelines should enforce prohibition of mining activities in and around river bodies and ensure that we do not contaminate them.

 Sign the #StopGalamsey petition to call on the President, Parliament, the Judiciary  and who have to act to take action now!!!

 Join the one-million-person signature campaign to #StopGalamsey in Ghana now, save our water bodies and Ghana. Our very future is at stake! You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. Where do you stand?