Reimburse IU Students for Loss of In-Person Instruction and Access to On-Campus Services

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Hello everyone,

With the recent announcement that classes will be delivered via online instruction, who will join me in seeking reimbursement? We paid for in-person instruction. We PAID for access to supplies and technology.

The recent decision will leave students without work— students working on-campus played a crucial role in campus life, and for many, the funds they were making were used to pay for their necessities.

Many students, such as myself, are putting themselves through school using the scholarships they have earned, their personal savings, and high interest loans. Every cent counts when funding your own education. 

While the recent decision to transition coursework to online modules is in the best interest of students’ health, students’ financial health also plays a key role in their well-being  and must be considered.

The cost for online courses at Indiana University is approximately half that of in-person instruction for in-state students, and approximately one-third for out-of-state students.

We, the Students of Indiana University, are calling on President Michael A. McRobbie and his colleagues to consider the financial hardship of this situation and reimburse us for our loss.