Make Palmer Auditorium Carbon Neutral

Make Palmer Auditorium Carbon Neutral

December 3, 2019
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Started by Avatar Simpson

The Palmer Auditorium renovation, which is scheduled to begin over this coming winter break, has raised over $24 million and will include a new elevator, improved seating, improved sight lines, and fine-tuned the acoustics. However, it does not include any consideration of sustainability. There are currently no plans to install solar panels, include geothermal heating, or improve the energy efficiency of the building. It is extremely important that our college begins to prioritize sustainability and minimize the environmental impacts of all future construction and renovation. 

The College's master plan specifically states the principle, "Embody sustainability best practices." The plan also calls to "Further Conn's dedication to environmental and economic stewardship by aspiring toward sustainable standards in every project, including new construction, renovation, and landscape maintenance... The Office of Sustainability, alongside initiatives such as the Sustainability Plan, the President's Climate Commitment, and building to LEED Silver standards, form a strong foundation to further innovate and steward." Although these are explicitly stated in the master plan, the Palmer Renovation project team, led by President Bergeron, has not incorporated any of them into the Palmer Renovation. Connecticut College has boasted about its commitment to these values, but is currently ignoring all of them in its plan for the largest renovation since President Bergeron became the President.

We, the students and alumni of Connecticut College, urge President Bergeron and the Palmer Renovation project team to prioritize sustainability and make Palmer Auditorium carbon neutral (the balance of carbon emissions with carbon removal, or the complete elimination of carbon emissions). It is vital that Palmer is carbon neutral, or at the very least LEED silver, so that its carbon footprint will not negatively impact our environment for the foreseeable future. This will set the precedent for all future construction and help Conn make the first step towards a net-zero future. 

#NetZeroPalmer #NetZeroConn

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Signatures: 1,028Next Goal: 1,500
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Decision Makers

  • President Katherine Bergeron
  • Rich Madonna - VP of Finance and Administration
  • Trina Learned - Associate VP of Facilities Management and Campus Learning
  • David Jaffe - Professor of Theater
  • Jeffrey Cole - Dean of Faculty