Federally replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day

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Every year on Monday, October 12th, Columbus Day is observed by entities across America.

Columbus Day should be removed for SEVERAL reasons:

1. He never stepped foot on U.S. soil. 

2. Instead, he landed in the Bahamas. Subsequently, he raped, enslaved, infected, and murdered Native Caribbeans, leaving the Native Indian population nearly extinct. 

3. As a result, he introduced European exploration and a culture of slavery and genocide that has killed countless Native Americans as well as African American slaves. 

4. Columbus Day is a commercialized Federal holiday and as we continue to allow it to exist and be celebrated, we raise subsequent generations of Americans to believe Christopher Columbus falsely ‘discovered’ America. 

Not only should Columbus Day be REMOVED as a Federal Holiday but it should be REPLACED to observe Indigenous People’s Day so our younger generations can be taught in school how to RESPECT native groups of people and preserve their history and lands. Please sign the petition!