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President Jonathan Veitch & Dean Barbara Avery: Any Rapist at Occidental College is a Continuing Threat

Dear students, parents, alumni, and faculty:

On February 25, 2013, Oxy administrators were notified of a sexual assault that occurred on campus Sunday, February 24th. However, they did not alert the campus community until local media reported the incident. Though the administration agreed to the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition's 12 Demands in November 2012, they failed to fulfill their promise to implement the 7th demand: "Use Oxy's Crime Alert System to Inform Campus of Reported Sexual Assaults." In Dean Avery's email to the campus community, she says that the perpetrator, an Oxy student, was "determined not to constitute a continuing threat." We reject the notion that rapists on our campus are not a continuous threat to our safety. The failure to alert the community of sexual assaults renders the experiences of survivors on our campus invisible and perpetuates the myth that stranger rape is more common than rape perpetrated by a non-stranger. Recently, the campus made no response after OSAC organized a protest of hundreds of students to demand Oxy Alerts. The Occidental community will not be safe until the Oxy Alert system is implemented in accordance with OSAC's Demand #7.

Thank you for your support in making Occidental a safer community.

For more information and resources for survivors, please explore the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition's website. To anonymously report incidents of sexual violence, click here.

Thank you,

Hannah Kessel '15 & Michaela Bosch '15

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  • President, Occidental College
    Jonathan Veitch
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    Barbara Avery
  • Associate Dean of Students, Occidental College
    Erica O'Neal Howard

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