Return the Eppes Statue at Florida Statue University

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In a Mitch Landrieu-like move - Florida State University President, John Thrasher, dealt a death blow to the institution's history and culture when he ordered a bronze statue of the University's founder, Francis Eppes, removed from Wescott Plaza. 

The statue was hoisted up in the middle of the night and moved to an undisclosed location on Thursday July 19th.

The "take him down" movement started in 2016 with a few militant noisy protesters who apparently didn't have anything better to do than dis the sacrifice of a man who made their educational opportunity possible.

Despite a student vote that OVERWHELMINGLY favored keeping the Eppes statue in 2016, President Thrasher, a long time crony of JEB Bush, whose failed 'take it down policy' cost him the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, used the Charlottesville media frenzy as cover to hand pick a take down panel reminiscent of Reconstruction.

The sculpture was erected in 2002 as part of the University's 150 year observance by then President Sandy D'lemberte and is a favorite spot of students and campus visitors alike. Read more about FSU History and the Eppes Statue here.

Alumni, boosters, students alike call on Thrasher to RESTORE THE HONOR - RETURN THE STATUE!