Ask FSU to refrain from using HonorLock, which blatantly violates privacy rights

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FSU is encouraging professors to use Honorlock in order to proctor online tests. This programs requires a webcam and microphone (that you have to provide them access to) in order to function. It can also collect your face, drivers license, and network information. it might also ask you do a 360 degree scan of your room before a test. This is both a blatant violation of our privacy as students and infeasible for many. If a professor requires this program you're forced to waive your privacy rights or get a 0% on an exam. additionally many students may not have access to a webcam or microphone on their computer and would be forced to try to buy one amidst a pandemic that has shuttered most stores. Please stand with us against this program that blatantly violates our rights and sign this petition!