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Hold NYU's Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Accountable for Incitement on Campus



On April 24th, hundreds of students in two of New York University's dormitories woke up to mock eviction notices from the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at NYU. TorchPAC at NYU is calling for a public apology from the SJP chapter to the NYU community for attempting to intimidate students by slipping one-sided, inciting material in violation of university policy.


As NYU spokesman John Beckman said, “A flyer titled ‘eviction notice’ anonymously slipped under doors at night is not an invitation to thoughtful, open discussion; it is disappointingly inconsistent with standards we expect to prevail in a scholarly community.” We ask that the University administration take firm action against Students for Justice in Palestine for violating university policy and engaging in hate speech so that we can ensure that our campus remains safe for all students and that no minority group feels unwelcome.


TorchPAC welcomes the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and we will continue to do so in balanced and transparent way.

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