Honor USCP Officer Eugene Goodman with the Medal of Freedom

Honor USCP Officer Eugene Goodman with the Medal of Freedom

January 10, 2021
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Started by Guy InChair

(Photo Credit: Ashley Gilbertson)

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, USPC Officer Eugene Goodman faced down a mob of angry rioters advancing in the US Capitol building. Despite his warnings, rioters advanced on the outnumbered officer. He retreated to the 2nd floor landing and called in his position to fellow officers to alert them to the growing threat.

Officer Goodman noted that there were no visible guards at the Senate chamber doors. At the moment that the lead rioter also saw the open door, Officer Goodman placed himself in the path to direct harm and made physical contact with the rioter, provoking a response. The rioter took the bait and lead his followers after Officer Goodman, away from the Senate doors. 

Inside the Senate, the evacuation was not complete. If the rioters had breached that door, they would've found themselves face-to-face with Senate leaders. Bloodshed was a stark possibility.

Instead, the rioters pursued Officer Goodman down another hall and into a larger vestibule where Capitol police backup was waiting to reinforce him. The incident was defused without injury and Senate leaders were able to safely evacuate. 

Officer Eugene Goodman recognized a critical moment where the lives of others were at stake. He courageously risked himself to divert rioters and exemplifies the courage and bravery that is the hallmark of Capitol law enforcement. In a very difficult time, his character shone through.

He is an American hero.

My fellow petitioners  and I are calling on President Joe Biden to recognize his courage and his long career of defending the United Stated by awarding him the highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom!


This petition made change with 100,336 supporters!

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