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Getting back Indian Nursing Council recognition for Karnataka Nursing Institutes

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Government of Karnataka (GoK) has issued an order stating that Indian Nursing Council's nod is not required for the fixation of intake in Nursing Colleges in Karnataka as the Government along with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences will be the final authority to decide the same. This order has irked the Indian Nursing Council (INC) which is the apex body for regulating the Nursing practice and institutes across the country. The Nursing Council has clearly stated that in such a scenario the candidates completing Nursing courses will not be eligible to practice in other states of India except Karnataka. Several State Nursing councils have also joined with INC stating that without INC recognition they would not allow the Nurses from Karnataka to register and practice in their state. 

Internationally INC is a recognized body when other Government agencies or foreign Nursing Councils need verification of degrees / qualification they revert back to INC for this purpose and again the students from Karnataka lose a chance to go & work abroad. 

The INC after trying to persuade GoK through various sources to withdraw the Government order came to a conclusion it is not possible to do so suddenly decides to remove all the colleges of Karnataka from the list of recognized Nursing colleges hosted on the INC website.Which literally meant that all colleges from Karnataka offering Nursing courses in Karnataka are not recognized by INC.

The colleges, faculty and students have given several representation to INC and GoK requesting to reinstate the Karnataka Colleges on the INC website and sort out the issue through amicable discussions but to no avail. There are over 2 lakh students studying in various Nursing Institutes across Karnataka who will be affected with this order.

As the admission has started for Nursing courses across the state many a students who had opted to join Nursing courses in Karnataka from the neighboring states have already cancelled the admissions and gone back,  hence this year all Nursing colleges in Karnataka will have poor admissions. This action of INC has raised several questions among the current students who are already studying in Nursing colleges in Karnataka as to whether their Nursing degree will be valid to practice outside Karnataka or not, whether they will get the bank loan this year from the bank as Banks ask for the recent copy of INC recognition from Colleges to disburse the loan amount every year. This has created chaos in all Nursing Colleges across the state and the College managements have not been able to clear the students doubts and are on the verge of loosing current students also. 

More over many students who have completed Nursing education in Karnataka & are working abroad are required to renew their membership with INC to keep their Nursing Practice License abroad and if INC does not renew their membership even they will be in problem and may lose their jobs.

Several representations have been given to the concerned but no credible action has been taken as the admission season is coming to end many a Nursing Colleges may close down due to no admission and Karnataka, which has been renowned for Health Education in the country may no longer be the niche state for the same. There is a dire need to set right right things immediately  and the Government should act in a proactive way to encourage colleges to provide quality education and have a national apex body which will work for the betterment of Nursing profession rather than indulging petty politics to ruin the Nursing Colleges in the state. The Central Government & The State Government should create a platform to discuss the issues with INC and try iron out the differences at the earliest failing which it may be a deadly blow to Nursing Colleges in Karnataka and a bleak future awaits for Nursing students from Karnataka. 

Hence it is the wish of all affected parties that Prime Minster takes an initiative to sort out this problem and direct the Central Health minister to take up this issue on priority basis and find a solution to it.

On behalf of all affected

Nursing students of Karnataka


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