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University of Central Florida (UCF) faculty salaries are below the national median at all ranks. At the same time that enrollment and tuition have soared, the percentage of UCF's budget spent on instruction has declined and the student-faculty ratio is the highest in Florida (and among the highest in the nation!). UCF faculty have continued to do their jobs, causing UCF to soar in the rankings. UCF Faculty, like all educators, can and should be supported.

But, the UCF Board of Trustees (BOT) Compensation and Labor Committee is recommending that the faculty get a 0.5% non-retroactive raise--and this was in part thanks to your hard work as supporters. 

Most other universities in Florida have already approved faculty raises of more than 1%. UCF's own John Sprouls, Chair of the BOT Compensation and Labor Committee, even said that he didn't think the half of one percent raise was "fair to the university" or "fair to the faculty" and he agreed that "there clearly is a strong argument for a wage increase."

Sign this petition now to tell President Hitt that it's time for #MoreThan1!

Letter to
Office of the President of the University of Central Florida President Hitt
Award Faculty #MoreThan1!

Dear President Hitt,

As a dedicated supporter of the University of Central Florida and a member of Knight’s community, I urge you to reconsider your decision to deny hardworking UCF faculty the reasonable raise they deserve.

UCF faculty are not asking to live more luxurious lifestyles, but merely ask to have fair pay for the great work that has helped put UCF on the map. Faculty at UCF already lag behind median incomes of doctoral institutions, and are below the median in all categories and far below the median for Assistant Professors. They have seen their take home pay decline since 2010 and raises have not kept up with annual inflation—this is simply and undeniably reprehensible.

When you deny your faculty a meaningful wage, you are denying the ability for our community to thrive. Your decision today will not only impact individual faculty, but will impact their children, students, colleagues, and community partners who depend on them. Financial strain impacts all areas of life, including teaching and the ability to conduct great research, and by showing a disregard for the needs of UCF faculty, you show a disregard for the continued growth and success of our great community.

Please prove me wrong by showing your support for UCF faculty and Fund the Future, because when you support your faculty, you support everyone they touch.

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