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Stop destruction of Wildlife and their Habitats in Iran

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Iran's unique wildlife and their habitats have been neglected for centuries.  Many natives such as "Iranian Lion" and Northern Tiger" have been totally extinct in Iran due to reckless and unregulated hunting practices. Iranian cheetahs are just a few left and few Iranian Lions can be found in India.  The government of Iran has decided to allow privatization of these few wildlife habitats, left in Iran, to those who lack knowledge or interest about these issues and without questioning or engaging Iranian people in this process.  These few wildlife sanctuaries are the last hope for Iran's wildlife to be spared for next generation.  Mr. Aflaki and Akbar Hamedanian, two environmental experts who have worked for three decades in wildlife rescue in Iran and especially with Iranian Zebra rescue, emphasize that privatization of wildlife habitats in Iran would not save the wildlifes and will gravely contribute to destruction of what is left.  Mr. Hamedanian adds that the unsound and full of loopholes agreements (#9, dated:09/10/1346, some 50 years ago, another one in 1374, some 20 years ago, and #44, the recent one) between government and unsuitable private entities would leave between 10,000 to 100,000 hectares of land to be managed by 2-3 people and a motorcycle.  The lease amount is minioskol and does not justify the land size.  There is no qualification requirements for those who are going to manage these lands or for their helpers.  This is a disaster for both the wildlifes and their habitats which as we know, the loss of more wildlife sanctuaries would bring more dryland, less rain, and more droughts to Iran.  Lack of clean water, green spaces, and wildlife would also devastate the communities, as it is well known in western societies.  Those who are working with environment in Iran are facing big challenges to safeguard it from greed and negligence.  They have a long and bumpy road ahead of them to just educate citizens to respect and cherish their nature and wildlife.  Moreover, we know that planet's survival, which is our survival, is so dependent on each other, and we can no longer ignore others ignorance as theirs and not ours because we are all involved in our planet's well being and survival.  Please help the welfare of our planet by helping Iran, Iranian people, and Iranian wildlife and their habitats.  Tell President Rouhani to stop privatization of wildlife habitats in Iran and start working with experts and those who care to find a legitimate and suitable solution to safeguard the last remaining wildlifes and their habitats in Iran 

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