Take a stand against NYU’s rampant anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attacks on campus!

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We, NYU students, extended family, alumni and donors who are proud Jews and Zionists, no longer feel welcomed at NYU. In the past year, several events have shown an institutional hostility towards Israel. The remarks of Steven Thrasher at commencement did not occur in a vacuum. His views and attitudes were easy to find with a simple google search leading to his aggressive posts on social media. The university ignored Mr. Thrasher’s anti-Semitic Tweets and still chose him to represent his program at commencement. He abused his honorary platform to spew anti- Israel remarks and disrespect attendees who were there to celebrate, not be attacked.

In April, Students for Justice of Palestine, an anti-Zionist group that has targeted Jewish students for harassment on the NYU campus and nationwide, was awarded the school’s 2019 President’s Service Award.

A few days later, NYU’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis voted to sever its ties with the NYU’s own Tel Aviv campus, vowing not to cooperate with any students participating in this study-abroad program.

This pattern of behavior portrays a deeper problem at NYU, where students who support Israel are demonized and ostracized.

We need to put an end to this now. As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, native New Yorker and NYU alum, I am appalled. What was once a campus where Jews felt welcomed and embraced has quickly become a place of hostility and harassment.

President Hamilton has issued half-hearted apologies, but he needs to take action. The university needs to outline a plan that will enable students who are Jewish and support Israel to feel protected.

We cannot and will not stand idly by while we no longer feel safe and welcomed at NYU.