Removal Of The Confederate Statues At The University Of Texas At Austin

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I am petitioning President Greg Fenves to remove all of the Confederate statues from the Main Mall. The removal of the Jefferson Davis statue was a good start, but there is more that needs to be done.

Albert S Johnston has a statue in the Main Mall. Johnston was a general in the Confederate Army. He was revered by Jefferson Davis as his finest general office in the Confederacy. What Johnston stood for and defended conflict with UT’s views and values. He believed and fought for the continuation of slavery. He gave his life to defend slavery.

Robert E Lee also has a statue in the Main Mall. Lee is one of the most well-known names of the Confederacy. He, too, was a general in the Confederate Army. He fought for and believed in the same things as Johnston and Davis.

John H Reagan has a statue in the Main Mall as well. Reagan was a politician who resigned from the House of Representatives to join the Confederacy. He served in the cabinet of Jefferson Davis as the Postmaster General. He, too, stood for and supported the institution of slavery.

All three of these men represented everything The University of Texas is against. Students have to walk past these statues everyday, which sends the wrong message. Imagine being a black student on campus walking past statues of men who would rather die than see you free? What message does that send?

With everything going on in the country with the removal of Confederate statues, UT needs to join in on the movement. These men represented hate and discrimination, two things UT does not stand for.

These statues are pieces of history and belong in a museum rather than on campus. By having statues of these men, UT is supporting them and their ideologies. It would send a big message to the student body and the country as a whole if President Fenves were to approve the removal of these statues. There is no harm in removing the statues, it will only be a positive result.

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