Recognize WIlliam (Bill) Donghia's act of kindness, and celebrate acts of kindness at LC.

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"Two days ago I noticed a vehicle with expired tags. As I am familiar who drives what on campus, I knew the student. She is a grad student and a mother. She had a baby last year. I parked my vehicle and walked into Thompson Hall and apologized ahead of time to the professor for interrupting her class. I asked if I could speak to the student I was looking for, and the student walked out into the hallway. I asked her if she knew her tags were expired, and she had gotten scared because she thought she was in trouble. I then explained to her I wasn't there to ticket her, I reached in my pocket and pulled out 40 dollars. Before I gave it to her, I told her here is 40 dollars to get your tags renewed and to help out a little so you don't have to use your Christmas money that you can now use for the baby. She started crying and gave me a hug. I gave her a hug back and told her Merry Christmas. Yesterday, I get called into the office was told that it was unethical."

This story is from Bill Donghia, who is a well known member of the campus community as he has worked so hard to help Lynchburg College feel safe and know that he is always there to help. Celebrating the acts of kindness that do happen around campus like the one that Bill did should be shown, and not putting them down. Acts of kindness help show the students that the administration does care about the students who live here, and with this, there is that feeling among the students that Bill's actions was not unethical. One example often used is that police officers do the same thing and gets celebrated on TV about their kindness, and yet somehow there is a difference between the ethics of a police officer and a security guard.

By signing this petition, you agree to these statements. By signing this petition, your voice is heard and your support for Bill and  what he did for the mother. Bill should be celebrated for helping a student of Lynchburg College getting through a tough time, not admonished for the act.

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