Ban The Outdoor Tethering/Chaining and Penning of Dogs

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A blizzard is crossing a large part of our nation this weekend and as kids celebrate the idea of missing a few days of school and adults look forward to a possible 3 day weekend due to closings, thousands and thousands of animals will be forced to brace the harsh conditions that Mother Nature will bring. Some will make it... most will not.  

My name is Kristina Cuce and I learned the hard way that our laws do not protect man’s best friend.  Two years ago on a 90 degree summer day, I witnessed a blind dog tethered in the hot sun with no water. I proceeded to do what any concerned citizen would do and called authorities. That day I learned that our laws are not only flawed but that they are very much open to interpretation. That dog died a week later due to heat stroke because the law and the officer failed to do the right thing. Since then, I’ve been involved in animal rescue and have learned that the shades of gray in the law is what continues to cause these animals unnecessary suffering. It is time that they are re written in black and white so the suffering ends once and for all!!

As I sit here on this cold night, Im staring at thousands of posts on Facebook that are flooding my computer screen. Images of dogs with no shelter tethered or chained to a fence or tree. Citizens across the country scurrying around and putting themselves in danger by driving out in the inclement weather  to properties to bring the dogs hay and blankets so they have a slight chance of surviving.  They are yelled out by nasty owners who tell them to get off their property and to mind their own business. How do you sit by and watch something suffering and not try to help it?? Would we think twice to help a hurt child or an elderly person? Why should it be any different with a helpless animal that cant fend for itself? 

A couple of days ago a news story went viral of a dog chained to a dog house crying out in the snow. His dog house was literally buried and he stood there shaking with nowhere to go. The Police officer walked up to the dog, unhooked his chain and carried him to his vehicle. He took the dog home and that was that! A happy ending for that boy! As I read through some of the thousands of comments, the majority of people were asking how it was legal for an owner to leave their dog out in those condition’s or how could people be so cruel? The sad reality is that this is more common than the average person thinks

Did you know that the law does not protect a dog chained in the hot sun and record heat with no protection tied to a tree?? Did you know that the law does not protect a mother dog and her puppies laying in a puddle of rain water in the freezing cold? Did you know that the law does not protect an emaciated dog chained to a fence with no shelter during a snow storm? These are not exaggerations nor are they cases that are few and far between.  Animal neglect is more abundant and rampant in America than ever before and it must be changed! With the correct implementation of new laws, their suffering could end.

The banning of chaining of animals can positively affect other aspects of animal welfare which includes:

*The Stopping of unwanted female pregnancies

*Stopping the Spread of Disease

*Will help raise property value in communities

*Eliminate dog attacks on children and people passing by

*Assist in ending the cruel and unethical use of dogs for fighting. 100% of dog fighters use pens and chains

Today with your help, Im hoping to start a revolution and I am asking President Elect Trump, the House of Representatives and US Congress to say no more to animal cruelty and to ban the chaining/tethering and penning of dogs! Dogs help our handicapped live normal and productive lives. They help our soldiers adapt to coming back from war. They keep us safe as we travel through airports and train stations. They work with law enforcement to keep our officers safe. They do all these things for man and we still allow them to suffer at the end of chains. Dogs Lives Matter and together we can be their voice!

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