Zambian Government, Bring Back Our Money!

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We true patriots of Zambian have had enough of the plunder and misuse of our resources under the current Patriotic Front administration. Today, we say, ENOUGH! Enough of the lack of action to recover what is rightfully ours; enough of the continued distribution of our land to foreign owners behind closed doors; enough of the impunity that is surrounding leaders who should be in the forefront of fighting the deep corruption in our midst. 

The 4.5 billion kwacha that has been identified in the latest Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Report as having been lost through fraud, corruption, tax evasion, money-laundering and abuse of office in 2017, makes sad and unacceptable reading. 

We are putting the Patriotic Front administration on notice about the responsibility they bear in ensuring that appropriate action is taken to bring to book the culprits that are implicated in the findings. It can no longer be right or in any way acceptable that revelations of plunder, money-laundering, tax evasion, fraud, abuse of office and corruption are simply ignored while the perpetrators and their politically-connected allies in public office snub their noses at any person that challenges them.

It is irresponsible for any person in a public office with the power to act against the violation of our laws to stay silent in the face of such overwhelming evidence of systematic plunder of our national wealth, even more so, at a time when we are deeply indebted to the Chinese, Eurobond investors, multilateral lenders, private organisations and local lenders and suppliers.

Much of our debt obligation is procured quietly and with questionable individuals and companies that have no proven track record of delivery in the particular area of financing required or have questionable backgrounds. All this is coming at a time when:

- our youth and our women have been kicked off the streets without and alternative avenue to ply their trades;

- we have over 1,000 young people entering the job market every day;

- over 75% of our national revenue is applied towards paying civil service salaries leaving only 23% of our income to address our healthcare, infrastructure, education and social development demands.

It is no wonder that teenage pregnancies are so high; that young girls are entering into commercial sex work at the age of 12; that defilement cases are not dropping but rising; that gender-based violence is gaining momentum rather than dwindling. We have a society that has been abandoned by its leaders who have opted to live the life of luxury at the expense of the suffering masses and determined that they will do all they can to stay in power using their ill-gotten wealth.

Rather than regulate and deter plunder, the last thing the PF administration is interested in doing is deterring any form of corruption. We demand that our money is returned

We invite civil society, opposition political parties, citizens, activists and stakeholders in Zambia to join us by signing the petition to return our money and give it to the people of Zambia. WE pledge that every penny that will be recovered will be paid to every family in the country that is made up of citizens of this nation.