Stop the immigration ban of Doctors and Nurses and lift the deployment ban for HCWs

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With what was said on the press briefing of the President of Republic of the Philippines on the 4th of May 2020 that he consult the DOJ Secretary about legalising the stoppage of migration of Nurses and Doctors and that he cares and loves HCWs thats why he doesnt want them to go and come back in a coffin. Dear President and members of the cabinet including IATF, the thing is we wouldnt even pursue our work abroad if we know it is just a suicide mission. We know what we are doing and our employers abroad wouldnt put us in the Covid frontline on the spot because they already have a designated covid team. We understand your point but please understand our situation. What you are referring is J1 Visas that were proposed by USA that can take travel docs in a jiffy. We would lile you to know, we did get our visas in a "jiffy". We studied 8 months just to learn the German language then we wait for 6 months just for our documents to be recognised by the German authorities then we have to wait 3 more months to get a visa appointment in the Embassy and wait for another 3 months for it to be approved. It is also the same for other countries aside from US of course. Please be considerate and humane with your decisions. Thank you.