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Veterans Stimulus Act- (Veterans Equitable Relief Act)

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All the veterans who have served this great country of ours are hurting with financial hardship and can't support their families. Some can't work due to injuries suffered through no fault of their own while serving in the armed forces. The VA should be held more accountable for their actions but they are not. They need to become more accountable and to stop neglecting and disrespecting veterans. Board of Veterans Appeals needs a time line of 30 to 90 days. Not more than 120 and not 2 to 8 years!!

ALL veterans should be allowed to go to any doctor they want outside the VA and not be forced to use the VA system. It should be a choice and if we want to go outside the VA then the fee basis can be used. It should not hold a 40 mile radius rule!!  This forces a person to go and use the VA for care against their will. Also disability and compensation should go by the same sort of rules and not some fuzzy math percentage system. They need time limits of 90 and 120 days and not months and years and each part of the body as inventory!!!

We have just had a Veterans Affairs scandal in which many veterans died awaiting to get health care in veterans hospitals. We have had the VA and OIG cover up problems while in front of Congress. We have watched one VA head resign and others to get appointed. We have watched the VA give bonus money to not so deserving management executives.

So while we are fixing the VA or attempting to do so. We have to come to some sort of conclusion that the veterans don't trust the VA anymore.

In the 1930's veterans awaited a "Tombstone Bonus". Congress promised them money but they never got it because of the "Great Depression". After the depression hit it was so bad that veterans had no place to go along with their families and were homeless. They slept in tents and camped out in front of the White House while Hoover was the President. They called this shelter setup as Hooverville.

Hoover did not like having veterans camped out like this so he called them as communists all 40,000 of them. Hoover sent in Gen. MacArthur and Patton to have them move away. The "Bonus Army" which was called of these camped out veterans. They marched down the street while tanks came down against them in Washington, DC. Lives were lost and the veterans kept assembling while FDR was in office. FDR wanted to treat veterans like ordinary people and vetoed an Adjusted Compensation Payment Act. FDR would send his wife to talk to the veterans. It was told that Hoover sent in the tanks and the military and Roosevelt sent his wife!! In 1936 the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act was passed through Congress!! A victory for ALL Veterans back then!!! Now we face almost the same circumstances. "Great Recession" along with low wages. The bankers and Wall Street got bailouts but veterans got a 1.7% increase on their compensation payment!! The real heroes the veterans got nothing while some rich banker who has millions got more millions!! The VA got bonuses for killing veterans and having the Compensation/Benefit/Pension get BACKLOGGED!!! 

We have 18-22 veterans committing suicide a day and becoming homeless also!!! This country should not treat any veteran like crap!!! The VA is the ROOT cause of the problems. They hide claims for years and create more red tape!! This petition is for the US Government to payoff ALL the veterans awaiting claims NOW!!!! We want a BONUS and we deserve it and we are assembling online to save lives so the military isn't sent back in like in the 1930's!!! This money will help stimulate the economy. Veterans then can live above the poverty line. We give more money to other countries and illegal residents here than we do to veterans and their families. If we would bill each country by taking portions of foreign aid and giving it to the veterans and their families. Their has been not much mention to the VA BACKLOG??  Just many compensation claims found in a drawer and the veterans have died waiting. The veterans never turned their back on this country and it is time legislatures don't either.

Thanks for ALL the veterans and their service!! This is the way we should be thanked and treated by the government by awarding money to veterans and their families!! ALL us veterans are tired of the BVA delay-deny-die!! Since more troops are getting out this BACKLOG will get much higher!! ALL veterans are trained to leave no man or woman behind. In dealing with the VA and the BVA we ALL feel as if we have been left behind!!!

Mr. President you promised to have the VA backlog down to zero. You and the Congress and the Senate can make this happen!!

Ernest Bozich


Disabled American Veteran


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