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President Donald Trump: Reactivate and modernize the Iowa Class Battleships

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In this constantly changing and shifting world America needs to go back to basics. Why constantly build new ships that have to prove themselves and be tested? We have ships, sitting as museums and in mothballs that have some greatest histories on the planet and their service records outshine any other ships we have today. 

The Iowa Class Battleship.

In total the United States has four Iowa Class battleships it could and should modernize, The USS Iowa, The USS Missouri, The USS New Jersey, and the USS Wisconsin.

The Iowa Class has been brought back during America's most trying times. During Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and Desert Storm. Now when the world is once again in a perilous place and America needs ships that are known for their strength and service records. The Iowa Class is the perfect weapons platform to project America's power in the world today. While carriers are amazing platforms to extend and enhance the US Navy's sphere of influence, they have a serious disadvantage over a Battleship. If a carrier is going to support US troops on the ground they have to deploy planes, risking the lives of pilots, and putting them in danger.

Not so with a Battleship, a Battleship needs only to cruise along the shore and bombard enemy locations with impunity. That is the true beauty of the Iowa Class as well, with their massive 16 inch guns they can provide some of the best fire support in the world. There are records from the Korean, and Vietnam Wars of the Iowa Class ships, providing so much fire support that they would silence the enemies of our Nation for months, and flatten enemy positions. Not only that, the expense to modernize these vessels pales in comparison to the cost of building a new warship.

The Battleship still has a clear and present role in the US Navy and to let such great, and amazing vessels go to waste is a clear disservice to not only the United States Navy but, our Armed Forces, and to the entire nation.

It is time to bring back the Iowa Class, to Protect and Serve the American way of life.





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