President Trump: PLEASE listen to the will of Americans on (Medical) Cannabis.

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Greeting Fellow Americans, Mr. President. and Governor

It is with respect and sincerity that I write  urging you to consider our words. Any discourse about the subject of Cannabis (Marijuana), has to start with the documented facts and an understanding that we as a Nation have been lied to, targeted, manipulated and oppressed by political enemies through the prohibition of Cannabis (Marijuana) for over 70 years now. It's amazing that we are in the year 2018 and Cannabis prohibition is still being used to keep people oppressed and Cannabis categorized as a schedule 1 narcotic.It has done nothing less than made millions of Americans "criminals" and ruined millions of lives.

This madness must come to an end.

We must press relentlessly not just for "legalization" but towards decriminalization of personal cultivation and use of Cannabis. Not just in the name of Liberty, but to remove Cannabis from the control of exploitation including the criminal black market, wresting it from the hands of corrupt politicians, corporate carpet-baggers and their lobbyists working for corporate interests. Like many other products, medicines, property, the hopes & dreams that all human beings have ingenuously discovered, invented and developed, are seized by selfish crooked, profit driven who lie, cheat and steal our dreams, only to re-package, tax and sell them back to us. This is how  a non--toxic plant Cannabis ended up where it is.

This must stop.

One good way of doing this is the demonetization of Cannabis by restoring the Freedom for us to all "grow our own tomatoes " (Monsanto "round up"- free) REMOVING their ability to profit (unjustly), including over-taxation from the use of legislation, the monopolization of a "market". This is the best way to watch the greedy disappear from this equation. It also still allows for the enterprising among us to pursue the art of "farming". Essentially, we would reduce the presence of Cannabis to the status of a very important, life saving Fruit/Vegetable.

I truly believe this to be a great solution for Cannabis.

A company that makes and sells Cannabis Medicine could still produce, control, test and (reasonably) profit from the quality and manufacture of Cannabis medicines but not the way it is being done now. People would ALSO have the Freedom and option to cultivate THEIR OWN, for THEIR OWN USE. That is what real Liberty guarantees..

This "marketed" monetizing and legislated monopoly is the root of corruption in an honest free trade system of "Capitalism". It's often what gives free market trade a "bad name". Free market trade & barter was never meant to create a "playing field" where the citizenship competes with corporate greed in the way of domestic market control and monopolization. It truly IS the bane of ALL civilization, source of criminal enterprise and the main reason for most of the problems in this world, really. Let us not continue to allow them and their controlled media to divide, ostracize or otherwise distract us from relentless pursuit of these time tested, precious and true principals; Love, Charity, Fraternity/Sorority of all human beings. Without unity compassion and Love for one another we have nothing.

A personal Testimony:

This issue is not about me, but it affects me and millions of other people with dozens of various illness & diseases. I spent a good part of my life in the service of mankind both as a Professional & Volunteer Firefighter/Medic, businessman and Volunteer Civilian. Several of my acts and self-risk in the behalf of others resulted in decoration & awards for "heroism and unselfish service to fellow man"  from Congress, internationally recognized groups and others.

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

At some point in time ('87), I became ill. My illness compounded and I endured 20 years in agonizing pain, illness and discomfort from a mystery disease, while trying to live life. After exhausting traditional medicine, a dozen doctors, pain management, terrible treatment, disrespect and some of the darkest, loneliest time of my life when I just about gave up: I wanted to die. I just wanted the pain and hopelessness to end. If you do not know what pain is like, you can not imagine what I am talking about but there are people who do.

After 25 years of laughing at "potheads", as skeptical as I was that pot could help me, I tried Cannabis.

After finding, researching, experimenting with Cannabis I spent five years recovering lost ground. I was helping to heal myself,  a.n.d. others making very simple, organic inexpensive medicines effective in soothing symptoms and pain with Cannabis. All done with no intention ever of ever making a profit off of anyone. Just about every Medical Patient I helped get access, whether it was education, information or Cannabis itself, who gave it a proper chance benefited from their use of it.

Some of the sick with terminal illness's still passed away but enjoyed a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE in their end. They told me so and expressed their gratitude. If people didn't have to hide their use, this would be more publicly known. I have seen the effects of what I was able to do for others.

You can not imagine how this (what I thought was) small act of Love & charity affected me, and still to this day is a driving force behind my commitment to this issue; The memory of loved ones lost. Their voice echoes in my mind.

Everything I did was purely out of LOVE and an effort to share healing, information and hope with  others who were sick, sicker and in more pain than I was. They were the happiest, healthiest and most productive years I could have possibly hoped for.

To the sick: I UNDERSTAND your pain.

In short, for this effort, I was eventually arrested, my property (that had nothing what so ever to do with Cannabis) unlawfully, unreasonably seized, and never returned. I faced 15-30 years in prison. I was blackmailed, intimidated, unlawfully arrested for contempt of court, and threatened with more prison time IF I stoop up and fought for my rights. My life and everything I have ever worked for was taken away and I was given a ten year prison term of which I have done a 1 1/2 years of even more agony & medical neglect in Prison. I still have 8 years of probation, lost all of my rights as a citizen and am now a convicted felon. I may as well have robbed banks.

In closing:

My efforts to support education, advocate for Medical Patients and Cannabis left me broke, in prison and starting all over again at 56 years old. My petition; efforts to save myself from prison and promote sensible treatment of this issue by the legal system got less than 1,000 signatures. I am asking everyone in this country who supports the issue to help me do better than this, by signing this petition and really letting the president and these "elected officials" know where we stand: Will you add your voice to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE on this issue?

A Million signatures Nationwide would be difficult to ignore.

Forever grateful to be American as I love this Country and people of the World.
Warmest Sincere Regards
Thomas S. Negron

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