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PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: Publish all Files relating to the Assassination of Malcolm X

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In a move that would boost your Administration's popularity with African-American voters and help to ensure your successful re-election in 2020 - and in keeping with your campaign pledge to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington politics - we, the undersigned, appeal to your administration to publish in full and without redaction all United States government files and records relating to the brutal 1965 assassination of Malcolm X.

Chief amongst these should be all surveillance materials and documents compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the New York Police Department’s Bureau of Special Services and Investigations (BOSSI). In addition, we call on your administration to declassify all Presidential Daily Briefs (or PDB's) from the Democrat administrations of President John F. Kennedy and President Lyndon B. Johnson as they relate to Malcolm X. In particular we seek access to the Malcolm X portions of the 22nd February 1965 PDB.

We are confident that the publication of the fully-unredacted Malcolm X files would be a sensation with few parallels in publishing history and that the millions of copies they would sell worldwide would pay for their own publication several times over and leave enough of a surplus to fund a new investigation and trial of their subject’s surviving assassins – a trial in which Malcolm X himself would be the ‘star witness for the prosecution.’

For nearly 50 years scholars, researchers and investigators have had to rely on pure speculation as to what information lay concealed behind the extensive redactions that presently disfigure even those Malcolm X files that have been made available to the public. This has resulted in a toxic culture of capricious conjecture and conspiracy theory that we now call upon you to bring to a close.

This courageous act by your administration would help to validate your stated commitment to accountable government, bring closure to one of the seminal cold cases of the Civil Rights era and cement a legacy that would secure your place among the country’s greatest presidents.

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