Give Us 5000 - additional U.S. Border Patrol (Field) Agents!

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Our U.S. border with Mexico spans almost 2,000 miles from California to Texas and the Northern border spans over 4000 miles.  Yet, we have less than 20,000 agents patrolling that border.  This is a huge task we are asking an undermanned force to accomplish!

Note that during Fiscal Year 2016, our U.S. Border Patrol Agents did the following:

Apprehended 415,816 people (59,757 Unaccompanied Juveniles, which require additional agent supervision).

Confiscated 1,294,052 pounds of Marijuana  -  5,473 pounds of Cocaine, and much more.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, who represents thousands of Agents, has already testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to the need for 5,000 additional agents to combat this challenge.

Further, as a recent U.S. Congressional Candidate, I’ve had the opportunity to both tour the border and communicate with our agents first hand, and I concur that they need help and more Boots on the Ground! 

Our Border Patrol Agents are outgunned and outmanned by those seeking to conduct illegal activities in America, continue to violate our laws, and possibly harm innocent American Citizens (beyond the harm done already being done by the drugs).  We must consider that not only are drugs entering the United States at an alarming rate, but also those that don’t have America’s best interest at hand! 

We’ve seen an increase in the arrest of those coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even the People’s Republic of China from Fiscal Year 2015 to 2016.  And though some may be genuine refugees fleeing war, all are not.  There are some that are likely part of Terror Groups that are being smuggled into the United States along with others entering illegally, and the abundance of drugs.

We cannot continue to simply hear the cries of our Agents (Boots on the Ground), and do nothing, but we must also listen to them, and ACT!  Who will know better about the needs of our Front Line Border Defenses better than our U.S. Border Patrol Agents,…. no one!  They are on the front lines daily, gathering intelligence and combating the issues first hand, and they know details as to what it will take to successfully combat many of the issues and challenges they face.

With our agents admitting that they likely only catch just over 40 percent of the traffic on the Southern Border and probably less than 10 percent on the Northern Border, imagine the amount of people and narcotics actually making it to American soil!  This is and should be, both ALARMING, AND FRIGHTENING to all Americans!

Nevertheless, not doing anything and not doing answering the plea of our Agents only go to harm us in both the short and long run!  Further, it will likely cost us more fiscally later, than it would to provide the agents to combat the problems, now!

Remember, our Agents are up against well-armed, well-equipped, technologically advanced, and motivated enemies and they are simply asking our nation to help them with the needed physical resources to fight back and protect America!

We must listen to our U.S. Border Patrol Agents and provide them with authorization for another 5,000 Field Agents (Boots on the Ground). 

Please sign this Petition so that the President of the United States and our Congress will hear from the American people in support of our U.S. Border Patrol Agents and Act by providing them authorization for another 5,000 U.S. Border Patrol (Field) Agents!


Tim Westley

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