Clemency For Johnny Jackson "A Second Chance"

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My husband, Johnny Jackson, is serving a 100-year sentence for a non-violent drug offense. The sentence was imposed as a substitute for a life sentence, which was based primarily on very controversial sentencing guidelines that the court interpreted as mandatory. However, a life sentence was not required, and in Johnny’s case such a sentence was never just or fair.

Johnny had never been to prison before this and has absolutely no history of violence. He was barely 17 years old when he was introduced to a negative lifestyle involving drugs, and his drug crimes ceased when he was about 23, in 1995. He wasn’t actually tried for those crimes until 2000 because for much of this time he was hiding.

Johnny accepts full responsibility for this and for the drug offenses themselves. He is truly remorseful for any harm he has caused to his community, family, and those affected by his unwise decisions. He has expressed this in heartfelt letters to family, friends, and community leaders as well as the President and the Justice Department.

During the 17 years that he has spent incarcerated, he has taken a huge initiative to better himself as a man furthering his education by completing over 50 educational courses ranging from G.E.D. to adult continuing education (ACE) and college courses (e.g. Marketing, Bookkeeping, Building Trades, Computer Literacy, Parenting, etc.). He is proud of his accomplishments while engaging in programs which addressed issues of drug addiction, mental illness, and criminality, through challenges that highlight thinking errors that lead to criminal behavior. These endeavors have heightened his awareness socially, educationally, and spiritually, allowing him to be more conscious of the human condition overall in order not to repeat his past mistakes. He uses this very positive perspective to draw from as he mentors younger inmates.

Johnny is a member of a loving family who has consistently supported him. As his wife, I visit him regularly and communicate with him daily. His children, siblings, and extended family also continue to offer strong emotional reinforcement through phone calls, cards, letters, and visits allowing him to maintain a powerful bond with family. With such a solid support system including a loving wife and a supportive pastor, Johnny will have the stability to rebuild his life and become a productive member of society if given the opportunity!

Johnny is supported by numerous prominent members of society, including Congressman Bobby Rush of Illinois. He is represented by former US Pardon Attorney Roger Adams who has said:

“I took Johnny’s case because it was an injustice on several levels… drug trafficking deserves to be punished but there has to be some proportionality. A life sentence might well be justified for a person like the head of a foreign cartel importing millions of dollars’ worth of heroin or cocaine every month, typically accompanied by extreme violence and massive public corruption. Johnny Jackson’s few years of selling drugs on the streets of Chicago simply does not justify the same sentence. “ Read more...

There is no rational justification for a CENTURY long sentence, which ultimately strips Johnny of any opportunity for a life beyond prison. Johnny Jackson deserves a second chance!

Please help me to urge President Trump to grant Johnny Jackson's clemency petition. Let’s band together to show our nation’s leaders that a LIFE sentence is not appropriate for a nonviolent drug offender, especially since such a sentence would not have been imposed today!  

I graciously thank you for your time and support in efforts to give Johnny a second chance at his life!