Recalls for Reconciliation on Laos

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              Lao United for Democracy and Independence in Laos



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We're Laotian people who live in the United States and other countries around the world. We wish to petition the world to hear our concerns regarding the Human Rights violations ongoing in our country, Laos. The people of Laos lived under the rule Royal Lao government before 1795. Since 1975, under the Regime Government of the Laos People's Democratic Republic (LPDR).  Royal Laos Government was overthrown by Communist Vietnam. Communist Vietnam rounded up and captured all of the leaders of the Royal Lao Government, who were taken away and became prisoners. Most of them were tortured and killed in what can be considered a genocide, including the King of Laos, Savang Vatthana, and his family, except for a few who managed to escape. The world was aware of these events, especially the United States of America, which fought against North Vietnam to protect Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam to free the Southeast Asia countries.

In 1962, under the Geneva Accord, Laos was declared to be a neutral country, and there was a call for North Vietnam to pull out all its soldiers from Laos immediately. The Peace Agreement was drafted and signed in 1973 with 14 different countries including the United States Witnesses, but the mandate for Communist Vietnam to pull out its military assets from Laos did not occur. Communist Vietnam ignored the United Nations' mandate and openly defied these agreements on Laos as a neutral country having no outside interference in governing their people.

It has been over 40 years since the signing of the Peace Accords. Since then, the Communist Vietnam government and Lao Communist regime have taken over Laos and raped the country's national resources and whatever they could take from Laos's land. They controlled the Laotian people and deprived them of their basic human rights. The regime could take one's property without recourse. Nothing is being done about the atrocities being committed against the Laotian people who are suffering under oppressive Communist Vietnam Government rule. The United States of America and other countries have been pouring monetary aid to Laos for healthcare, hospitalization, education, care for orphan children, and more in the last 30 years. Nothing is being done to mitigate the suffering of the Laotian people while the evident corruption is ongoing in our country affecting all Laotian citizens. The aid pouring in from other countries are not given to the people of Laos but are amassed for the use of the governing body.

We, the citizens of Laos living in the United States of America and other countries in the world, at this moment, protest and demand that the United Nations, under the international rule of law, open a case against the Communist Vietnam government ruling Laos. We are requesting the United States of America and all those countries involved in the signing of the Peace Agreements in 1973 and the 1962 Geneva Accord that declared Laos to be a neutral country to come together and right the wrong being perpetrated against the Laotian people in Laos. This petition is not without proof, and we will present them in the court of law. We are seeking a "pro bono" representation to present our cause against the Communist Vietnam government. A contact person and number are provided herewith. Dr. Farley Sayaseng, Ph.D. in Business Administration. Please support our desire to restore the human rights of the Laotian citizens.







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