Mr. President: Pardon the Biden Four

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As a former soldier who was wrongly convicted under the overly restrictive rules of engagement while fighting a war in Afghanistan, I know what it means to be in these men's shoes. They are innocent men, and were wrongly convicted.

I am in constant contact with their attorneys, have read the details of their case, and continue to dig further into the details of this travesty of justice. The President of the United States should pardon these men. They are not criminals, and they are certainly not murderers. Every day these men sit in prison, they cannot get back.

Please help me help these brave, principled men. These men were convicted because former Vice President Joe Biden pressured the Obama Justice Department to convict them.

Remember folks: the United States Government does not lose. They have unlimited resources and the system is stacked against the accused. These men didn't stand a chance. After the Vice President decided they were guilty, their fates were sealed. 

The President should right this wrong.