Implement term limits and salary caps for all members of Congress before 2024.

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Calling all active, voting American Citizens! If we sincerely wish to make our country strong, financially independent, and free for our future generations we need to find a way to unite and accomplish the two very important goals before President Trump leaves office.

1. It is imperative that we place term limits on both the House and the Senate.
2. It is equally important that we place salary caps on these positions.

These governmental seats were NEVER intended to be occupied as if owned by individuals. Once upon a time, it may have been safe to re-elect the incumbent unless there had been some scandal associated with them in the media. Today, I dare say there are NO members of the Congress with pure motives. They are there to serve their personal agendas and make as much money as they can before they lose an election. President Trump is doing everything he can to lay the groundwork for us, but if we fail to take up the mantle to protect ourselves from a corrupt government, we have not only failed US, we have failed our country, our constitution, our children, grandchildren, and all the future generations to come. 

This petition is demanding President Trump through executive order amend all legislation regulating terms and salaries for all members of Congress as follows:

1.  Terms for both House and Senate limited to two (3) per person.  That is a total of four (6) years if served consecutively or not.  Termination of all positions in both the House and Senate can be ordered by the people as registered and active voters and/or the sitting President of the United States with evidence of failure to perform duties (voting records) according to the expectations of the voters and as needed by the President.

2.  Salaries for both House and Senate members should be reduced to $120,000 per year.

     a.  These governmental positions are no longer eligible for any federal government employee retirement plan or pension or 401K.

     b.  The health insurance available for people serving in these positions are the same as any other eligible federal employee and may be purchased for personal use once employment is terminated through the election of another or termination for any failure to perform duties as is expected by the voters and needed by the sitting President of the United States.

     c.  The House and Senate may NOT vote for their salaries to be increased.  All salary adjustments or benefit changes will be brought to the voters on a National Ballot every four (4) years when there is a Presidential election.  A majority vote of 80% or more is required to pass and implement any of these changes.  Salary and benefit changes will be itemized on the ballot and NOT allow for an "all or nothing" vote.

Please sign and get all your like-minded friends and family members to sign also.  This is a sincere attempt to change legislation.