The President to address the death of Collins Khosa at the hands of law enforcement

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Collins Khosa, an Alex resident, has said to have had beer poured over his head, choked, kicked and hit with a machine gun. He later died of a blunt force head injury. Upon investigation by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), who have been identified by his wife to have caused these injuries, a report was released clearing the soldiers, saying he was only "pushed and clapped". It further claims his injuries were minimal and falsely reported. 

For many of us who live in areas where the SANDF are not a feature, it is easy to pretend these issues of brutality do not exist. Thus, there is a great responsibility that rests on President Cyril Ramaphosa's shoulders to shed light on this issue that is troubling the family of the deceased, many South African citizens, news outlets as well as opposition parties. 

It has also been brought to light that SANDF are not the only exercisers of excessive force and that SAPS, as well as JMPD, have been reported as acting in this manner.

At the beginning of lockdown, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation as well as members of law enforcement where he stated that the citizens are not enemies that need to be fought, that "this is not a skop and donner moment" and that they are symbols of protection, not harm. It is now time for him to address the nation on the failure to comply with these orders that has resulted in the tragic loss of trust, dignity and life.

Collins Khosa is one of several South African citizens that have unlawfully died at the hands of our law enforcement. Thus, by extension, this petition stands for the justice of Petrus Miggels from Ravensmead, Adane Emmanuel from Isipingo, Sibusiso Amos from Voslooros and many others.