Rhinoceros' horn is not for sale!

Rhinoceros' horn is not for sale!

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Vera Bleza started this petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa) and

 Rhinoceroses are large, herbivorous mammals identified by their characteristic horned snouts. They are being haunt or killed because of their horns. Rhino poaching has escalated in recent years and is being driven by the demand for rhino horn. Poachers of used tranquilizer gun to take them down and took their horns off, leaving the rhino to wake up and bleed to death very painfully and slowly. They haunt rhinoceros to sell their horns because it is expensive. The horns of rhinoceros  is being sold in some markets and used as a display or for medicines. 

             South Africa is home to the majority of the world’s rhino population, with many of these rhino to be found within Kruger National Park. Between 2013 it was reported that over a thousand rhino were killed each year. In February 2019, statistics of 2018 rhino poaching has been released, The numbers showed a decrease over 250. But still Rhino remains critically at risk.

·         This petition can save the rhinoceros from extinction

·         Rhinoceros might have the freedom to live peacefully

·         Can avoid the rhinoceros from being harmed

·         May decrease the poaching of rhinoceros

·         Preserves their habitat

            This petition can relate to environmentalism, it focuses on the protection of animals. It focuses the protection of rhinoceros because they are being haunt or killed by poachers which may lead to their extinction. And also it is about securing their life.

·         Can prevent  the rhinoceros from extinction

·         Restrain habitat loss

·         Decrease the number of death of the rhinoceros

·         Avoid the rhinoceros from being harmed

·         Reducing illegal trade


·         The government should secure the protection of the rhinoceros and locate them in safer place

·         Sign a petition that poaching of rhinoceros should not be validate

·         Poaching of rhinoceros should be punished by the  law

·         Trading rhinoceros’ horn should not be legalize

·         Poachers should have a knowledge that it was not allowed to poach rhinoceros

·         Educate the people and poachers that we should not harm or kill rhinoceros for their horns

·         Donate to the wildlife society of South Africa and support de-horning of rhinos


This petition aims to protect the rhinoceros from the poachers and to prevent them from extinction. If the poachers continues to kill or haunt them for their horns this may lead to the extinction of rhinos. We should not let that happened instead we should protect them and maintain their habitat. Rhinos or other animals is like us they should have the freedom to live.  Before it is too late we should stop now poaching rhinoceros, their horns is not for display, it was part of their body and to show off their uniqueness and beauty from the another species.

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!