support and reparations for state capture whistleblowers


support and reparations for state capture whistleblowers

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President Cyril Ramaphosa (President: Republic of South Africa) and

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Started by Public Interest SA

Whistleblowers risked their own lives and those of their families; lost lives and livelihoods; some are displaced and in hiding. They are treated as pariahs by some corporates and state institutions; and continue to be marginalized in some quarters all because they stood up against the powerful corrupt politicians, venal businesspeople and their enablers. 

In Part 1 of his Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture report, Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo commended whistleblowers and recognized their invaluable role as “the final defence against corruption and state capture taking hold in state owned enterprises (SOEs).”

It is common cause that in pursuit of this noble cause, whistleblowers expended their own resources to fight costly legal and other battles stemming from their courage and patriotism. Some compatriots lost houses, cars, and prized possessions as they sought to shine a light on corruption during our democracy's darkest hour. 

Notwithstanding this, Part 1 of the Commission’s report does not make any recommendations aimed at mitigating financial costs incurred and hardships endured by our national heroes who played a critical role as a bulwark against State Capture.

  • We, the signatories to this petition call on President Cyril Ramaphosa, as Head of the State, to effect such measures as is necessary and legally permissible to make financial reparations to, including providing any such material support as may be required to protect and safeguard the interests of, State Capture whistleblowers.
  • We further call on ACJ Zondo to ensure that he takes note of the plight of many whistleblowers and include, in his final report, clear recommendations that seek to ensure that reparations are made to whistleblowers - some of whom are in dire straits while beneficiaries of State Capture corruption lead safe and lavish lifestyles sustained by proceeds of their criminal wrongdoings.

No amount of monetary contributions or alms can fully repay the debt that our nation owes whistleblowers. However, this could go some way to ameliorating the hardships that befell many.

The establishment of an independently administered Whistleblowers Fund is not only a social and restorative justice imperative but also long overdue.

This is the least that We the People of the Republic of South Africa could do to express our immeasurable debt of gratitude for the courage, sacrifice, fortitude and selflessness of whistleblowers. 


This petition made change with 12,595 supporters!

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