Justice for Apartheid Era Victims

Justice for Apartheid Era Victims

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The families (and friends) of Apartheid-era Victims and Extra-Judicial killings demand that President C. Ramaphosa  commit himself,  along with his cabinet, in the opening with immediate effect ‘ a commission of inquiry’ to undertake the following:

(a)    find out the reasons for the undue delays by the NPA in investigating and prosecuting over 300 TRC cases, and

(b)    bring to everyone’s attention the reasons for the spiteful and malevolent political interference in sorting each of the cases.

Considering these issues, the families request an audience with the President and his Minister of Justice and, they demand a public apology for the delay and the interference.

Being friends and families of Apartheid-era Victims and Extra-Judicial killings, we want to make it unequivocally clear that none of us want apartheid-era police personnel or prosecutors working on any of the TRC cases.

All of us would simply want to see Apartheid-era inquests reopened and the findings legally reversed.

In addition, we want our democratic legal system to investigate the extrajudicial killings and murders in police custody and their results should be made public. 

W are sick and tired of the delays and interference and therefore desire that prosecutions get underway and that full disclosure be made regarding each case. 

And we also request that we are given access to all the extant Military, Police, and Justice Department records as regards the killings both inside and outside of South Africa.

We call on all Justice loving compatriots to support our demands by sharing and signing this petition