United States MUST Update Rabies Vaccine Laws

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I'd like to call this law (once it gets to be a law) " Freedom's Law " in honor of my Service Dog. 2/17/2015 - 11/6/2017 was how long I had her and Worked with her as a SD Team. Owner-Trained her myself and everything. She is GREATLY missed. I believe her death and the illnesses and seizures were all her very last Adverse Reactions to the vaccines she'd had.  

Our laws about Rabies vaccines just do not match the science. 

And we are harming/killing our pets, livestock, etc, by insisting on repeating the vaccines one or every three years; when Animal Immunologists know that "boosters" are useless and unnecessary. They know ONE vaccine (at around 4-6 months of age range) confers life-long immunity. Even if Titer Tests show no results, it's still dormant but can be activated if the animal needs the immunity.  

This affects not just pets. Or livestock. It also severely and detrimentally affects people who have Service Dogs or Service (mini) Horses, or Military Working Dogs, or Police Dogs, etc.

France did a study on rabies vaccine efficacy and adjusted their laws based on their findings. 

www.rabieschallengefund.org - someone here in USA wants to do a similar study, in hopes it will help us get these laws to match the science. 

Please adjust these laws? Set up a database of which animal has had ONE vaccine at 4-6 months old, Titer Test thereafter, and do NO more regardless of the results of the titer test. Then we can quit harming our furry friends or helpers. 

UPDATE: " ' And, instead of quarantine (which can cost thousands of dollars) or euthanizing a dog or cat or other animal who's had a rabies vaccine, if it has been bitten by another animal. Should just get a booster ' '' -- Kansas State University's new protocol advises to AVMA. Even though that is a risk, it is still better for the family who loves their pet than 6-8 months of quarantine or worse.  This is based on Kansas State University's new test results, protocol advocacy. But, again, I'm still advocating that our laws be updated to match the science. I guess AVMA's recent update (based on Kansas State University's advisement) is a step in the right direction. However, since vaccines themselves can and do cause harm, even death, I hope that someday the laws will be updated again to where " ' Only ONE vaccine in a lifetime and NO more ' ''. Or, in the cases of where the animal has had any illness(es) prior to the appointment, then, a NOSODE should be used instead. Australia and some other areas of the world DO use nosodes instead and still see results WITHOUT the harmful side-effects (such as behavior changes, allergies, etc). 

** further update** I know Australia accepts NOSODES against rabies instead of vaccines. I wish American laws would allow nosodes, too. Since nosodes works from a much more natural means than injection and can be adjusted to the individual animal's or person's needs. Whereas, the vaccine is not adjusted due to the animal / person's size, etc, at all (unless the vet has an acct with PTP / KSU)**. Nosodes work by being ingested through the mouth. This is a MUCH more natural way to get the animal's immune system to react to the 'invader' than injection. AND, nosodes do NOT carry toxic metals, several other animals species' DNA, human DNA, or other chemicals. Truly, nosodes are the best way to go, especially if the dog or other animal can not get the vaccine.  For dogs who can not take the vaccines due to allergies or other chronic illnesses, nosodes would STILL give them the protection from the disease without being as likely to harm them. This is another way to look at things. EVERY vaccine label and package insert warns " Do NOT use in sick or injured animals " and that means any illness or injury. **  
At least these would be SOMETHING, which is better than nothing. 


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