Feminist Fight Club, CPP, R-Justice Petition

Feminist Fight Club, CPP, R-Justice Petition

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CPP FFC Feminist Fight Club started this petition to President Coley and


FFC has been trying to get better reproductive healthcare services on campus since 2019. This year our campaign is focused on these four initiatives: FPACT, SEX ED, SB 24, and HRT.

The R-Justice Campaign is a fight for Accessible & Affordable healthcare, it ensures access to comprehensive, informed services on campus and centers student autonomy. This campaign is the actualization of the Resolution in Support of Reproductive and Trans-inclusive Healthcare that was passed in collaboration with ASI and FFC last year.


We are demanding the Bronco Student Health and Wellness Center prepare for and implement these services: FPACT, SEX ED Program, SB 24 and HRT. We are demanding the Student Health and Wellness Center to work in collaboration with FFC to create policy in support of the services this year and for years to come. 
We are demanding further policy to support the safety of students in regards to these services: sensitivity training for medical staff, abortion positive environment+ promise of abortion positive education, a sex positive environment and a queer/trans friendly environment. 
Finally, we are demanding a policy that makes reproductive justice and harm reduction the norm: 
We want to make it policy to offer accessible, comprehensive, informed services on campus; and we want a policy that ensures respecting students autonomy, what we mean is protecting students and their right to make decisions about their body and healthcare without the fear of repercussion or judgement from medical staff.
By signing this petition, you are demanding that CPP, the Bronco Student Health and Wellness Center, President Coley and Rita O'Neill meet said requests.  To learn more about the four initiatives, keep reading: 

Family Planning Access Care and Treatment Program (FPACT): FPACT is a California Department of Healthcare Services program that provides comprehensive family planning services for people in California. This program would expand the selection of birth control options offered on campus, as well as make them free for qualifying students.  EIGHT other CSUs are FPACT providers, and we should be too! 

SB 24: College Student Right to Access Act: SB 24 was signed into law Oct. 2019, and will make sure every California university student has access to the abortion pill. Medication abortion (the abortion pill) is safe and effective; it will be offered at student health centers around California by 2023. We want to ensure the SHC is preparing for the implementation of SB 24 and is preparing the community to provide an abortion safe environment. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Currently, students cannot get a new HRT prescription on campus. Students would need to go off campus because CPP medical staff are not trained to offer this service. CPP medical staff need to be trained to address the healthcare concerns of our Trans students. Furthermore, medical staff should have to take annual training that teaches the best ways to support Trans students. 

Sexual Education Program We are developing a sex ed program for student clubs and organizations to ensure that students are offered the chance to educate themselves and their communities. By creating a program specifically designed to connect students to sexual health educators- whether that be from our Peer Health Educators or from guest sex educators-  who can offer inclusive and informed lessons, we can establish a sex positive culture on campus that encourages safe and informed sexual health. The creation of this program also supports the creation of  Peer Sexual Health Educator positions that allow for designated peer health educators to focus on sexual health education, as modeled on other universities. 

R-Justice Campaign in a nutshell: Our goal for the R-Justice Campaign is to remove the barriers that force students to go off campus for services that could be provided on campus. We hope to create policies that ensure the implementation of these services for this year and the years to come.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!