Wells Fargo -Asking Questions Should Not Lead to Termination

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Dear President Timothy Sloan,

It has not been long since you made promises to Congress and the American public . 

However, my experience at the Utah Wells Fargo demonstrates that Utah Wells Fargo is continuing the retaliatory policies that got us to where we are today . 

I asked my then manager, Shane Morgan, to address the issue where I received highly offensive remarks about my hair and the question I had on the inconsistencies we had in policy application . A few days  later, my then supervisor , Micalynn Christiansen called me to a meeting with Shane Morgan . They advised me that Wells Fargo had decided to terminate my employment based on "performance " . 

You and I, and many others in the work field know that termination is not how to answer questions about Equal Employment Opportunity concerns. 

I am simply asking for

1. Reinstatement 

2. Better policy management to minimize harm to employees and consumers . 

Please do not allow the Utah Wells Fargo to minimize your promise to US Congress and to the customers in the US and overseas . 


Should your office wish to contact me, my phone number is (801)462-9030 and email, vsethunya@gmail.com

Please take action . 


Sincerely , 

Victoria Sethunya