Hold BC Commencement During 2020 Homecoming

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In an email sent to students on March 24, 2020, Bushman said "I can promise you that we will be holding a Commencement ceremony for the class of 2020." In an email sent to students on April 23, 2020, the President reversed this, and announced a "virtual commencement on May 2nd." Further in the email, Bushman told the students they would be provided a "space and time" to celebrate one another at Homecoming in the fall of 2020.

Every member of the Bridgewater College class of 2020 has worked far too hard and spent far too much money to wake up on a Saturday morning and watch their name roll across a computer screen. 

The college has already made it clear that the resources and money are available for a ceremony during Homecoming, but has decided against giving the seniors the Commencement ceremony they've worked hard for and paid tens of thousands of dollars for.

To President Bushman and administrators: our peers have worked extremely hard and dedicated years of their lives, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars for Commencement, and revoking it despite making it clear that the college is able to hold an event during Homecoming is nothing short of disrespectful and a disservice to the Class of 2020. 

Please support this petition to allow the Bridgewater College class of 2020 to have the Commencement they paid for and deserve.