N15Trillion National Budget for Nigeria in 2019. Translates to $225 per capita per annum

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Nigeria's national budget is dismally and criminally little for a population of 190million because of endemic and perennial corruption and embezzlement of government revenue. At a mere $25billion, this translates to $140 per person, per year - for education, security, health, public works etc. Too too low. Now the government wants to REDUCE that budget to $23billion simply because they are out of ideas and out of touch. Not acceptable. That reduction ignores a healthy 3% population growth year on year, and inflation at an average of 13% for the year. This drops per capita budget to $117 from $140! Even within Africa many countries are doing better. Per capita/per person national budget in South Africa is $2,600, Algeria $1,400, Angola $1,880 and so on. We must act now because the national budget is the most important collective DREAM and ASPIRATION of a people united inside a country every year