President Biden: Comply With International Law! Justice Now for Japanese Latin Americans!

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President Biden: Please Comply With International Law!  Justice Now for Japanese Latin Americans!

Hostage taking, transport over international borders, indefinite imprisonment, family separation, thrusting civilians into war zones, ongoing failure to provide redress.  The U.S. government owes meaningful reparations to Japanese Latin American (JLA) internees and their families.  Without effective redress, it is much easier for similar government abuses to be repeated.  Now is the time for the United States to recommit to the protection of fundamental human rights.  [MORE INFORMATION - ]    

Please help secure JLA reparations while survivors are still alive.  Thank you!


In a historic ruling, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of American States (OAS) has recognized that the United States government violated the fundamental human rights of Japanese Latin Americans interned during World War II and must provide integral reparations.  (Shibayama et al. versus the United States, Case # 12.545). We, the undersigned, urge U.S. President Biden and his Administration to comply with the IACHR decision in this case and to meet with Japanese Latin American representatives to resolve this longstanding injustice.