Let's Bring Aya To America

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Let's Bring Aya To America

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Friends of Aya started this petition to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

Please join us in our effort to bring a very special refugee to America.

First—thank you.  Thank you for maintaining your restraint and calm during a time of increasing fear and hatred.  Thank you for taking a stance against the dangerous and divisive rhetoric of the past few weeks.  Thank you for continuing to advocate tolerance and insisting that the United States will honor its commitment toward refugees.  We stand with you in refusing to demonize millions of people due to the actions of a few violent individuals.  We also agree that the United States must play an important part in sheltering innocent civilians displaced by war.  Especially those wars involving our military.

Second—we’d like to bring your attention to a young woman who was turned away by America.  Her name is Aya.  We believe America’s rejection of Aya is a mistake.  She is in the process of filing an appeal, and we’d like to invite you to personally learn her story and lend your voice to our advocacy on her behalf. We know she is only one of millions, but she is important to us.  We believe that Aya is an innocent victim of the wars in both Iraq and Syria.  We believe her when she says she loves America.  

We do not believe that Aya poses a threat to the security of the United States.

Mr. President, Aya is in a very vulnerable situation right now.  So if you believe along with us that she deserves to be an American, please lend your voice to our advocacy on her behalf.

Thank you again for welcoming refugees and promoting tolerance. 

Friends of Aya.


Aya's story can be found here: www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork
See her interview with Fareed Zakaria here: http://cnn.it/1QmVOX4

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 1,046,800 supporters!

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