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Waive the income tax on the donations to Karen "the bullied bus monitor"

** UPDATE **

Thank you to the 7,500+ people who signed this petition. I have been repeatedly advised that it was actually not necessary because there are no taxes on the money being given to Karen.

As one CPA wrote me: "As long as no single individual exceeds the yearly gift amount (around $12,000), there are no taxes. And even then, the donor pays the taxes, not Karen."

So this petition is unnecessary. I don't want to confuse people with misinformation, especially if there's a risk it might dissuade people from giving to Karen. So I am closing this petition.

Again, it turns out that it is not necessary. Karen's windfall is not going to be taxed. I didn't realize this when i started the petition, but now that it's clear, I am taking the petition down.

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