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Support stricter gun laws and reinstitute the assault weapons ban.

In one week, Americans have seen a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school and an Oregon mall, a teenager shot in a Florida parking lot because his music was playing too loud, and a murder-suicide in Kansas City. Gun violence is out of control, and one solution is making guns less available and easier to trace. Conservatives and the National Rifle Association have dominated this issue for years, intimidating lawmakers and presidents alike into allowing guns to proliferate and lobbying for weaker gun laws. Now, we're seeing the effects: carnage in our streets and our schools. People are dying for the NRA's ideology, and it must stop. We ask the President to take the lead in calling for immediate legislation to ban assault weapons, institute stricter controls on all firearms, and enforce the Second Amendment of the Constitution as written: as the right of people to bear arms in the context of a state militia. 

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