The Forgotten Genocide (Holocaust) in the Kongo

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August 11, 2014


Dear Mr. President, Mr. Secretary of State, and dear Members of the U.S. Congress:


We, the members of the Congolese Diaspora "USA" and of the entire Congolese Community in the U.S., are writing to you in order to petition you to take action on behalf of the atrocities that have been carried out more than a decade ago, and that are taking place today. We write also on behalf of the forgotten genocide (Holocaust) in the Kongo, which left more than 12 Million dead, 3 million women been raped and mutilated, 3 million displaced, and the plundering of the minerals resources from the Kongo, specifically by Corporations.




The DRC [Democratic Republic of the Congo] is not at war with anyone. It is invaded and occupied by Rwandans, Ugandans, Burundians, the terrorists of M23, and many other countries involved in crimes against humanity, and crimes against the Congolese people. Kanambe, a.k.a., Kabila, is an impostor in DRC, who is serving as a “Trojan Horse” of Kagame, and is an Agent facilitating the Balkanization of the Congo. He is responsible for the crimes against the people of Kongo. ” Joseph Kabila participated in the mass killings of Rwandan Hutus and Congolese during these invasions in the Camps of Tingi-Tingi (Kisangani) DRC. Then, he was known as a Rwandan Military Officer “Commandant Hyppo”, though his real name is Hyppolite Kanambe. See Roberto Garreton UN Expert Report from 1998-1999.


The investigators of the United Nations have documented atrocities akin to Genocide in the DRC perpetrated by Paul Kagame’s Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda. The evidence was published on October 1, 2010, as the “Report of the Mapping Exercise Documenting the Most Serious Violations of Human Rights and International Law Committed within the Territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between March 1993 and June 2003.” . . ”


President Barack Obama, in his last Executive Order (Message) to the US Congress on the DRC dated July 8, 2014, put together all the needed laws, executive orders, and other resolutions in order for him to bring to an end the unique and long-lasting situation in“… the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has been marked by widespread violence and atrocities that continue to threaten regional stability…” and the continued suffering of Congolese people. His administration is urging President “Joseph Kabila” not to seek a third term but to obey the Congolese constitution and leave when his term runs out in 2016.




1.      That the US Congress declare Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” as criminals responsible for the genocides both in Rwanda and in the DRC; therefore, declare these three as “personae non grata” on the territory of the United States of America




2.      That the US Congress demands that the US Executive does all in its power, including but not limited to working with Congolese dissidents and activists in the U.S. and the Diaspora to remove “Joseph Kabila” from power, as soon as possible.




3.      No despot or dictator ever gives up power through “elections” no matter the promises made, and, America must use one policy toward any and every despot, dictator, and killer, which is to punish them or to bring them to justice; not to fund them, to cover up their crimes, or to work with them because they blackmail the U.S. or offer the U.S. a couple of military bases.




4.      Mr. President, We are urging you to implement the Public Law 109-456 in which you promised and also the U.S. Government and the UN should Stop giving support to a Criminal and Terrorist such as A.K.A Joseph Kabila.




5.      Mr. President, since your Administration is talking about the Addis Ababa Agreement which was signed by Eleven African Countries on February 24, 2013, we would like you to provide us with the Congolese Law which would have approved that Agreement and that Law is as become today as legal base which U.S. Ambassador in DRC, is saying Rwanda is violating it.






6.      We would also like the $ 15 billion that Mr. Kabila had stolen from the DRC, which was published according to the Forbes Journal on this May 2014, to be ceased and returned to the people of DRC




We look forward to hearing from you and we are ready, anytime, to meet with all of you, individually or as a group, in order to work with you to end this shame of our world today where, not only 500 to 800 thousand people were killed in Rwanda, but, as of today, more than 12 million have been killed and over 2 million have been gang-raped in the DRC under the direct orders and actions of the trio Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”.


Sincerely and gratefully yours,


For the Congolese Diaspora “USA” and the entire Congolese Community in the U.S.,


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