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With the Israeli military's systematic abuse of Palestinian civilians, a ground invasion will primarily serve to increase the number of deaths and injuries to Palestinian civilians (as the current Israeli missile attacks have done), which in effect will kick the can even further along the already broken path of progress. 

Letter to
United States White House and State Department President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Given the tragic events of the past days Mr. President, the United States government has disregarded pertinent information vital to the understanding of the increasingly violent situation in Gaza and Israel. This administration has vouched support for Israel’s right to self-defense with the implicit understanding that such defense can come at any cost. The Gazan population is now at the mercy of the Israeli government, which is on the cusp of putting boots on the ground.

Was the conflict provoked when an unarmed, mentally unfit Palestinian man wandered too close to the border and was shot down in cold blood and denied medical assistance for hours? Or was it when Hamas fired yet another rocket into Israeli territory? Mr. President, despite trying to label the aggressor, we must focus our efforts on bringing about a temporary resolution so less human blood is shed on both sides. There is no denying that Hamas has launched hundreds of rockets into Israel as they themselves have admitted; however, we believe the Israeli offensive and defensive attacks on the Gaza Strip are unjustifiable. In their pursuit of bringing down Hamas leaders, Israel has consistently killed and injured Palestinian civilians. Unlike Israel however, Palestinians do not have the means to take extra measures to protect themselves.

Mr. President, if Hamas is not considered a legitimate governing authority in Gaza and this is in fact an entirely defensive response by Israel, then what sense does it make to kill dozens of innocent Palestinian people in the alleged pursuit of Hamas leaders? At least 65 innocent people have been killed and more than 400 have been wounded, as of now, on the Palestinian side and at least 3 civilian deaths and almost 70 wounded on the Israeli side. Mr. President, if we can agree on one thing, we can agree that this tragic reality must be stopped.

If Israel does in fact launch a ground attack on Gaza, the casualty figure will only increase, not to mention the additional collateral damage. The stances and policies put in place or upheld by your Administration at this time will have long-term ramifications on our relationships with this part of the world for decades to come.

Mr. President, Israel is a sovereign nation and has the means to do what it pleases; however, given America’s status as a strong ally to Israel, we can agree that the American voice, your voice sir, has clout. On that note, I am asking that your Administration takes a far more balanced approach on this conflict and speedily denounces Israel’s threats of a ground invasion.

In humanity,


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