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President Barack Obama: Replace Interior Secretary Sally Jewell!

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After 100 days on the job she showed her true colors in front of the Congressional Committee on Natural Resources. Status Quo for our wild horses and burros!

After We the People paid $2,000,000.00 for a study to be conducted by the National Academy of Science Secretary Jewell's only response to questioning by Rep Raul Grijalva D-AZ was that the report confirmed the BLM's belief that there were too many horses.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The report concluded the BLM had no true way of knowing just how many horses there are and the excessive roundups have been the cause for the overpopulation.

"Management of free-ranging horses and burros is not based on rigorous population-monitoring procedures. At the time of the committee's review, most Herd Management Areas did not use inventory methods or statistical tools common to modern wildlife management. Survey methods used to count animals were often inconsistent and poorly documented and did not quantify the uncertainty attached to counts."

"Management practices are facilitating high rates of population growth. Free-ranging horse populations are growing at high rates because BLM's removals hold populations below levels affected by food limits. If population density were to increase to the point that there was not enough forage available, it could result in fewer pregnancies and births and lower young-to-female ratios and survival rates. Decreased competition for forage through removals may instead allow population growth, which then drives the need to remove more animals."

During Secretary Jewell's confirmation hearings she proclaimed her belief that only the best available science should be used to make decisions. Clearly this was lip service.

President Obama...our wild horses and burros, not to mention the wolves, bison, bears, etc, cannot last another 4 years of tyranny as experienced under Secretary Salazar's ruthless rule.

We the People ask that before further damage can be done you ask for Ms Jewell's resignation and find a suitable replacement.

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