Protect the furries

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I am a furry.  I am an artist, like most of the fandom I am a member of.  The furry fandom is about being a fan of anthropomorphic characters.  For those unfamilliar with the term, it's giving human characteristics to animals via art, costuming, animation and anime.  I am also a fursuiter, which is a form of cosplay.  Like art, cosplaying is a form of freedom of expression.  The furry fandom has gotten a raw deal from the media and some fringe religious groups.  Fear of the unknown theatens our right of freedom of expression.  We are artists and we are misunderstood.  So many are very good and make careers out of their art.  Some of the animators in tv and movies are artists from our community.  Our conventions are held worldwide and support various charitable causes.  We number over 1 million members worldwide and we are growing.  Local economies benefit greatly by our conventions, as our members dine and shop local businesses.  We spread smiles and laughter, which our world needs greatly. Our community embodies the tollerance that our society should have.  We embrace all religions, orientations, races and creeds.  And for many, we are family for those who have none.  Please protect us!  Allow us to continue!  

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