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Chloramines create disinfectant by products called NDMAs, and Iodic DBPs, which are ultra carcinogenic, not only for people but for animals, marine and wildlife nationwide.  The ultra toxicity of DBPs was discussed at the August 2012  Gordon Research Center Conference on  DBPs of Chloraminated Drinking Water Systems but the findings were withheld by EPA  from the general public.

President Obama has the sole power to direct EPA to make public the Gordon Research Center findings and implement change to protect animals, our pets, our wildlife/marine life from these ultra - carcinogens. Technology exists that toxic chemicals are no longer necessary in drinking water treatment.


Letter to
1600 Penn Ave NW , Washington DC President Barack Obama
Dear Mr. President;

I respectfully ask that you direct the EPA to make public the findings of the August 2012 Gordon Research Center Conference on DBPs of Chloraminated Drinking Water Systems, which have been withheld from the general public.

The DBPs of chloramines, Iodic DBPs and NDMAs. are ultra carcinogens. The American public should have the information necessary to protect millions of innocent creatures without a voice or means of defense. These deadly DBPs negatively affect the health / habitat of countless creatures nationwide.

Mr. President, please direct the EPA to release the conference findings and to create transparency in this and all drinking water issues that affect animals and their habitat nationwide. Withholding information that impacts the lives of millions of innocent creatures and the American environment is in and of itself toxic.

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