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President Barack Obama: Let U S Supreme Court Hear EEOC/ Civil Cases After 7 Years At U.S. District Level

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Let U S Supreme Court Hear EEOC Cases After 7 Years At District Level


This is important because I am seeking relief for much needed, and deserved lost benefits, health, wages/retirement due me after being wrongfully discharged and discriminated against after injury on the job.  This is important because transcripts from my workers compensation trial, ( May 05, 2002) would prove  the state of Louisiana discriminated against me, closed my case when I refused to settle my w/c claims and continued to refuse accommodation, and falsified transcript of the trial. I feel many civil cases are deliberately stalled at the U. S. district level like mine,"politics." These cases seem to get stuck between the U.S. District level, and the U.S. Appeals Court, yo yo-ing backward and forward. Therefore the cases cannot precede to resolution. Too many lawyers allow judges to sit on these cases, instead of doing protecting the  client's  interest. Instead they are looking out for  themselves.  Many judges are looking out for big cooperation and do not sit in the interest of justice, and is not fair to the plaintiff. Some plaintiffs give up! I feel that these delays are further discrimination against the already injured, and aggrieved party. Justice delayed is justice denied. I was wrongfully terminated (Disability Employment Discrimination) from my job as a Recreation Specialist in October, 2000, after being injured on the job. My primary doctor sent me to work on light duty. My employer sent me home, saying they had no light duty for me, and would send me a duty list later to give to my doctor to determine what duties I could perform. After about two weeks when I hadn't received the duty list. I wrote a letter inquiring about it.  I also told how I thought they treated me differently from others,etc. Shortly afterwards I received a letter from my employer stating my doctor said I could return to work full duty without restrictions, (trickery, and retaliation). This person was not my treating doctor who had sent me to work on light duty, but someone workers compensation, and my employer had used, who didn't know if I was dead or alive. I returned to work as ordered, trying to protect my job.  When my leg  buckled on me, two weeks later I was fired.  I had  23 years of service. I only had 7 years until retirement.  *** My suit was dismissed in Summary Judgement November 16, 2012.  I am appealing.


Katherine Conner


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